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History of Nkwerre Aborigines Union


The Nkwerre Aborigines Union (NAU) was born out of the urgent need to establish a College in Nkwerre Town.  A reliable account has it that the Church Ministry Society (CMS) Niger mission authorities wanted to establish a College for boys' in the former Owerri province to serve the Centre Igbo area covering Okigwe, Bende, and Owerre Divisions.


It was agreed that any town or group which could produce between three and four thousand pounds would have the proposed College established in their town and Late Lazarus Ihekwoaba collected a copy of this discusion through his friend.


Dedicated sons of Nkwerre, Nze Francis U. Ihekwaba, Chief Abel N. Nkwakanna, Samuel Chinaka and Daniel Udeagwu Ukegbu went on a tour of all the towns where other Nkwerre sons were residents.  Their first port of call was Umuahia where they were warmly received and entertained by Late Daniel Uju Okwarocha who donated a sum of two hundred pounds supporting the good noble cause.  Then the Late John Nwogu was visited and promised to be among the first three to donate to the fund.  On returning to Port Harcourt, others were visited such as the Late Nze James Idiwogu Nwosu.  Late Idiwogu Nwosu was so appreciative that he pledged his support by selling his most precious property.  This was encouraging and the tour continued and were well received by eminent sons of Nkwerre.


The group summounded a general meeting in Aba which was successful and well attended by representatives of all Nkwerre sons.  This marked the inauguaration of Nkwerre Union later called Nkwerre Aborigines Union.


Nkwerre Aborigines Union home and abroad has been forceful and instrumental in the social, economic and political development of the town.  The formation of the Union focuses on unity of purpose amongst all Nkwerre sons and daughters.  Hence the NAU moto 'Unity, Industry & Progress'.


NAU today is established in various parts of the world where there are Nkwerre sons and daughters welcoming all entitled to join the membership irrespective of creed, religious denominations, village, social status, education, family background, thus providing a sense of belonging and togetherness.












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